Timing Belt Kit - 11 Piece - Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$331.91 USD

Empower Your Journey with the Subaru Sambar 11-Piece Timing Belt Kit for KS3, KS4 Models (1990-1998)

Product Description:

Unlock a new realm of performance for your Subaru Sambar with our ultimate 11-Piece Timing Belt Kit, exclusively engineered for the KS3, KS4 models spanning 1990 to 1998. This premium kit is an indispensable upgrade, meticulously designed to elevate your engine's efficiency and lifespan.

Key Features:

  • Robust Timing Belt: Specially constructed to ensure durable engine synchronization.
  • Seal Dynamics: High-grade cam and crank seals form a bulwark against leaks and contaminants.
  • Tensioner Pulley: Precision-engineered to maintain optimal belt tension and harmony in engine operation.
  • Revolutionary Water Pump and Gasket: A duo that promises consistent coolant delivery and temperature regulation.
  • Crucial Alternator Belt: Keeps your charging system robust and your journey uninterrupted.
  • Advanced Thermostat: Monitors and manages coolant flow for perfect engine temperature control.
  • Valve Cover Gasket: Shields your engine’s upper end, fortifying against oil leaks.
  • Top-Quality Oil Filter: Cleanses oil, extending engine health and purity.
  • Selective Fuel Filter: Ensures only the cleanest fuel for your engine's combustion.
  • Efficient Air Filter: Provides a flow of fresh air to your engine, optimizing fuel burn and power.


  • Comprehensive Engine Overhaul: Arms your vehicle with everything needed for a full engine timing refresh.
  • Renewed Engine Endurance: Each part is selected for a flawless fit, dramatically extending your engine's performance years.
  • Superior Engine Output: Experience the uplift in power, economy, and sustainability.
  • Fortified Against the Future: A strategic defense against premature wear, securing your engine against time and the elements.

Why Our Timing Belt Kit?

Select our 11-Piece Timing Belt Kit for assured synchronization, efficiency, and power in your Subaru Sambar. Every item within this kit reflects our dedication to quality, ready to ensure your vehicle performs reliably on every terrain. Commit to our kit for an engine that stays younger, longer.


  • Custom-fit for: Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4
  • Model Years: 1990-1998

Take the leap to superior engine maintenance with our definitive Subaru Sambar Timing Belt Kit. Order now and propel your Sambar into a future of sustained performance and unmatched reliability!