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This book is for 1989~1997 Honda Acty trucks and Vans. Carbureted Version. Contents include: 

1. Specifications & Body Schematics. Decode your Vehicle Body-Engine-Transmission! 

2. Factory Service Data Specifications 

3. General Maintenance and Tune-Up 

4. Engine Cooling System 

5. Engine and Engine Overhaul 

6. Fuel System & Emission Controls 

7. Clutch Replacement 

8. Drive Axels 

9. Steering & Suspension Systems 

10. Brake System 

11. Starter & Alternator Charging System 12. Heating and A/C 

13. Fuse & Relay Much More! 

Hundreds of Schematics and Diagrams to Help You Troubleshoot and Repair Your Vehicles

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