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Has your trusty 1990-1999 Honda Acty Truck been feeling a bit sluggish lately? Fret not, as Oiwa Garage is here to save the day with our comprehensive 10-Piece Tune-Up Kit, tailor-made for HA3 and HA4 models! We've combined the finest OEM-quality parts to keep your prized possession running smoothly, ensuring your Acty stays as reliable as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Shipped Directly from Japan.

🔧 Kit Contents:

Everything You Need for a Perfectly-Tuned Honda Acty Our Tune-Up Kit comes packed with an all-star lineup of components that will have your Acty purring like a kitten. Each kit includes:

  1. Air Filter – Keep your engine breathing clean with our high-quality, dust-trapping air filter.
  2. Fuel Filter – Safeguard your engine from contaminants and extend its life with our efficient fuel filter.
  3. Oil Filter – Keep your engine oil free of impurities and maintain smooth performance with our advanced oil filter.
  4. Distributor Cap – Ensure optimal ignition and energy transfer with our durable, weather-resistant distributor cap.
  5. Distributor Rotor – Minimize electrical wear and promote smooth firing with our precision-engineered distributor rotor.
  6. Distributor Gasket – Seal your distributor cap securely with our high-grade distributor gasket, ensuring moisture stays out.
  7. Spark Plugs – Ignite your engine with our top-notch spark plugs, offering efficient combustion and enhanced performance.
  8. Spark Plug Wires – Boost your truck's power and efficiency with our low-resistance, high-conductivity spark plug wires.

💨 Unleash Your Acty's Performance with a Comprehensive Tune-Up Our Tune-Up Kit is designed to boost your Honda Acty's overall performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Whether you use your mini truck for work, play, or both, our top-quality components will ensure a seamless driving experience that you can count on.

🏆 Why Choose Oiwa Garage's 10-Piece Tune-Up Kit?

As a dedicated e-commerce Shopify store specializing in Honda Acty parts, we pride ourselves on delivering the best value and quality to our customers. With our 10-Piece Tune-Up Kit, you'll enjoy a smoother drive and increased longevity for your Honda Acty Truck. Don't settle for less – make Oiwa Garage your go-to choice for all your Honda Acty needs.

🚚 Fast Shipping from Japan, Exceptional Customer Service

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Honda Acty Truck with our 10-Piece Tune-Up Kit and experience the Oiwa Garage difference today! 🛒 Order now at!

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