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🔥 Turn Back Time While Racing Ahead:

  • Retro Elegance: Delight in the luxurious touch of classic wood grain, juxtaposed with gleaming chrome spokes. This isn't just a wheel - it's an era captured in motion.
  • The Champion's Choice: NRG's commitment to quality shines through. Expect nothing less than top-tier craftsmanship and materials.
  • Drive with Distinction: Every turn feels like a glide; every grip reminds you of luxury. Perfectly sized at 360mm (14.20 inches), maneuvering becomes an art.
  • Universal Marvel: Fits almost any kei or mini-truck, making this wheel a versatile masterpiece. Plus, it's not just about fit – it's about that tailored feeling.
  • An Ode to the Classics: Chrome spokes echo the glamour of old-world cars, with round holes bringing in a touch of racing nostalgia.

🛠️ Key Features:

  • Diameter: 360mm / 14.20"
  • Depth: Flat Design
  • Material: Luxurious Wood Grain
  • Spoke: Lightweight Aluminum, Chrome Finish

🌏 Compatibility: A masterpiece shouldn't be confined. Universal fitment ensures this wheel finds its home in any ride.

From the house of Oiwa Garage – where every drive is a journey, and every journey is an experience. 🛒 Grab yours now and redefine your driving saga!

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