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Unleash the brakes on mundane journeys with our Miyaco Front Brake Caliper Piston Set, exclusively tailored for Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 models (1990-1999)! 🏁

Born in Japan, these 51mm pistons are the unsung heroes ensuring every stop is a safe encore to your thrilling drives. 🌟

🔥 Why Your Brakes Will Thank You:

  • Japanese Precision: Crafted by Miyaco, expect nothing but unparalleled quality and fitment!
  • Direct Fitment: Specifically designed for all HA3, HA4 Honda Acty front brake calipers.
  • Safety First: Essential for rebuilding calipers, bringing peace of mind on every ride.
  • Durable Excellence: Robust design meets Japanese craftsmanship for long-lasting performance.

🔧 Key Features:

  • Diameter: 51mm
  • Fitment: All HA3, HA4 Honda Acty Trucks (1990-1999)
  • Quality: Genuine Miyaco, made in Japan

🌏 Exclusive Availability: Why settle for the ordinary? Upgrade your mini-truck with this premium brake component, brought to you exclusively by Oiwa Garage, the sanctuary where Japanese quality meets mini truck passion! 🛒

Step into a world where every journey is a masterpiece, every stop is safe, and your truck is an extension of your spirited self! Embrace the ride, with Oiwa Garage steering you towards greatness. 🌟

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