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Hit the Roads, Not the Repair Shop, with Oiwa Garage’s Ultimate Brake Renewal Package! 🌟🔧

Put the brakes on your search; your Honda Acty Van/Truck deserves nothing but the best! Our Ultimate Brake Renewal Package is tailor-made for HH3, HH4, HA3, and HA4 models from 1990-1998, ensuring each stop is as smooth as your journeys! 

🔧 Premium Components Include:

  • Front-Line Defense: High-friction Pitwork Japanese Front Brake Pads for maximum stopping power!
  • Rotors of Reliability: Durable Kashiyama Front Brake Rotors for unwavering performance!
  • Rear Resilience: Pitwork Rear Brake Shoe Set to have your back on every adventure!

Why This Brake Renewal Package is a Breakthrough:

  • Japanese Precision: Manufactured by industry-leading brands, Pitwork & Kashiyama, ensuring enduring quality and performance! 🇯🇵
  • Model Match: Custom-fitted for HH3, HH4, HA3, and HA4 Honda Acty models (1990-1998). It’s like a bespoke suit for your truck!
  • Peaceful Drives: Elevate your vehicle’s safety and tranquility, making every drive a serene experience! 🌿
  • Installation Joyride: Comes complete and ready, turning installation into a joyride!

Exclusive at Oiwa Garage: Gear up for greatness with this indispensable brake package, only available at Oiwa Garage - where we blend Japanese craftsmanship with kei truck passion! 🌟

Take the driver’s seat with confidence, experience serene stops, and elevate your Honda Acty’s performance to unparalleled heights! 🚗💨

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