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Blast off into a universe of freshness with our Astronaut Car Freshener, the ideal copilot for your Japanese mini truck or any other space you want to keep fragrant. Sporting an exclusive design that's out of this world, this whimsical accessory not only elevates your kei truck's ambiance but also serves as a unique decorative piece, sure to start conversations!

Doing away with artificial car freshener smells, our Astronaut releases a natural, non-toxic orange scent that purifies your air while providing a burst of citrusy freshness. Whether you're navigating traffic in your Honda Acty, or exploring off-road in your Subaru Sambar, this fragrant companion ensures your ride smells delightful, every mile of the journey.

But why limit the freshness to your car? This versatile space traveler is ready to embark on missions to your bathroom, bedroom, or even pet houses, reducing harmful gases and maintaining a refreshing environment.

Sized conveniently at 5-7cm (both width and length), this space-saving freshener won't obstruct your view or take up unnecessary space. Dangle it from your rearview mirror and let its pleasant aroma transform your drive. Perfect for updating the scent in your kei truck, or any room in your house, our Astronaut Car Freshener is the fun, effective way to keep your spaces smelling great!

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