Distributor Cap, Rotor & Spark Plugs - 6 Piece Ignition Kit - Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$86.94 USD

Ultimate Ignition Upgrade: 6 Piece Kit for Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 (1990-1998)

Revitalize your Subaru Sambar's spark with Oiwa Garage's premium 6 Piece Ignition Tune-Up Kit. Designed meticulously for the KS3 and KS4 models spanning from 1990 to 1998, this comprehensive kit is the secret to unrivaled engine performance and reliability.

Inside the Kit:

  • 1 Distributor Cap: Engineered to distribute voltage from the coil to the correct spark plug, ensuring efficient engine start and operation.
  • 1 Rotor: Rotates within the cap, passing the charge to the spark plugs.
  • 4 NGK Spark Plugs: Trusted for high quality, these spark plugs provide superior conductivity and long-lasting performance.

Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Seamless Integration: Parts are crafted for a perfect fit, mimicking OEM standards.
  • Durable Components: Each piece is built to withstand harsh engine conditions, promising longevity.
  • Improved Fuel Economy: Efficient spark delivery can lead to better fuel consumption rates.
  • Enhanced Engine Health: Regular ignition maintenance ensures a smoother running engine, less prone to misfires and other issues.

Why Oiwa Garage? We specialize in Japanese mini truck parts, offering only the finest components for your vehicle. Our selection is curated to not only match but exceed original equipment performance.

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Give your Sambar the care it deserves with our 6 Piece Ignition Tune-Up Kit. Drive with confidence knowing your engine is powered by Oiwa Garage's quality assurance.