Honda Street V Side Decal- Orange - Honda Street Van HH3, HH4 Models - 1990-2000

$249.99 USD

Unleash the Street-Smart Style of Your Honda Street Van with the Vibrant Street V Side Decal

Transform your Honda Street Van into an eye-catching spectacle with our bold Street V Side Decal. Exclusively fashioned for the Honda Street Van's compact and agile frame, this decal is the quintessential match for your Kei Van's spirited personality.

Product Features:

  • Tailor-Made for Honda Street Van: Precision-cut to fit the unique dimensions of the Honda Street Van, our decal assures a bespoke fit that exudes originality.
  • Radiant Orange Flair: Inject a splash of vivid orange zest into your van's appearance, making it pop on city streets and country lanes alike.
  • Superior Material for Longevity: Our decals are constructed from top-tier, outdoor-grade vinyl, offering resilience against weathering, wear, and tear.
  • DIY Friendly Application: Each decal kit includes a comprehensive instruction sheet, giving you the power to revamp your Kei Van's look with ease and confidence.
  • Sun-Resistant Vivacity: The UV-protected ink retains its lustrous orange glow, safeguarding your decal's dynamic color from sun exposure.


  • Upgrade your urban explorer with our Honda Street Van specific Street V Side Decal.
  • Embrace the essence of Japanese Kei Van culture with a touch of bright orange brilliance.
  • Crafted for the individuality of Kei Van enthusiasts who value personalized flair.
  • Combine resilience with style – enduring vinyl that stands the test of time and trend.
  • Drive a standout symbol of uniqueness in the Kei Van community with a decal that's cut above the rest.

Celebrate Your Kei Van's Individuality

At Oiwa Garage, we resonate with the passion for Kei Van customization. This Honda Street V Side Decal isn't merely an accessory; it's a tribute to your van's individuality and the vibrant Kei Van scene.

Don't let your Honda Street Van blend into the backdrop of the mundane. With the Street V Side Decal from Oiwa Garage, you're not just driving a vehicle; you're steering a legend.

Elevate your Kei Van experience with a decal that's as distinctive as your journey. Make your mark with the Street V Side Decal today and let your Honda Street Van speak volumes about your unique style.