Ignition Kit - 10 Piece - Distributor Cap, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Oil Filter & Fuel Filter- Suzuki Carry Truck DC51T, DD51T Models - 1991-1998

$234.54 USD

Transform your Suzuki Carry's driving experience with our deluxe 10-Piece Ignition Kit, designed for precision fit on DC51T and DD51T models from 1991 to 1998. This all-encompassing kit provides you with a premium distributor cap, high-quality spark plugs, resilient spark plug wires, and crucial oil and fuel filters to ensure your engine runs like a dream.

Engineered for the hardworking Japanese mini truck, each distributor cap and rotor in our kit is crafted to deliver precise electrical timing, while our spark plugs are selected for their exceptional performance under pressure. The heavy-duty spark plug wires are insulated to prevent voltage leaks and ensure a strong spark, every time.

The addition of oil and fuel filters to this kit underscores our commitment to comprehensive engine care. Our oil filter is designed to trap contaminants with high efficiency, keeping your engine oil clean longer. The fuel filter works to protect your engine from impurities, ensuring only the cleanest fuel for combustion.

With 'Suzuki Carry ignition essentials' and 'complete DC51T tune-up kit' as your search terms, you'll find our exceptional kit topping the list. Perfect for DIY maintenance or professional installation, this kit not only maintains but elevates your Suzuki Carry's performance.


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