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Calling all kei truck and mini truck owners! Say goodbye to your seatbelt struggles and embrace the journey with our Mugen Power Seatbelt Cover Set. Expertly designed with you in mind, these sleek and stylish covers not only upgrade your truck's interior, but also provide the comfort and protection you deserve on the road.

As a kei truck or mini truck owner, we know you may face a few pain points:

  1. Uncomfortable and irritating seatbelts
  2. Fear of seatbelt wear and tear damaging your clothing
  3. Difficulty finding accessories designed specifically for your compact ride

Our Mugen Power Seatbelt Cover Set addresses each of these concerns, making it the ultimate solution for every kei truck enthusiast!


  • Universal fit for all kei trucks, ensuring compatibility with your unique vehicle
  • Add comfort and protection to your journey, eliminating the irritation and discomfort of traditional seatbelts
  • Easy to install, just put them over your seatbelt and enjoy the upgraded experience


  • Item Width: 5.3cm
  • Item Weight: 70g
  • Item Length: 23.6cm
  • Packing: 2pcs/lot

Transform your kei truck adventures with our Mugen Power Seatbelt Cover Set, and make every drive a pleasure! Please allow 30-45 days for shipping, as we're working hard to deliver the best possible product to your door. Order now and elevate your kei truck experience like never before!

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