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🔥 The Wheel That Every Kei Truck Desires:

  • Bold and Beautiful: Dive deep into luxury with our NRG 310mm Classic Black Wood Grain Steering Wheel. A master blend of dark elegance and sophisticated design, this is a showstopper in the world of steering wheels.

  • Black Chrome – The New Black: The 3-spoke center in black chrome isn’t just a feature; it's a statement. A statement that your mini-truck flaunts its unparalleled class every time you hit the road.

  • Steer with Elegance: Every inch of its 12.20" diameter is crafted meticulously, ensuring that each time your hands feel the wood, it feels like the first time.

  • The Universal Statement Maker: Whether it's a kei truck or a mini-truck, this wheel effortlessly merges with its spirit, making the drive not just unique but truly you.

  • Art Meets Functionality: But it's not all about looks. The wheel promises durability and a lasting finish, qualities synonymous with the NRG Innovations® legacy.

🛠️ Features at a Glance:

  • Diameter: 12.20" / 310mm
  • Grip Material: Rich Wood Grain
  • 3-Spoke Design: Dazzling Black Chrome

🌐 Adaptability Beyond Compare: Why just stick to norms? Be universal. Be unique. Whether it's a kei truck or a mini-truck, it deserves this masterpiece.

Drive in style, steer with precision, and embrace the envious glances. This isn't just a steering wheel; it’s an extension of your passion, exclusively brought to you by Oiwa Garage, where dreams meet the road. 🛒

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