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Unveil the new showstopper of the road, our NRG 320mm Silver Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to extraordinary; this isn't just a wheel—it's a revolution. 🎡

🔥 What Makes This Wheel Unbeatable?

  • Titanium-Tough: Beefed up with 25% thicker material and 50% additional welding. You're not just holding a wheel; you're wielding an indestructible weapon.

  • Silver Lining: Premium leather paired with meticulous silver stitching is as luxurious as your grandma's silverware, but way cooler.

  • Commanding Control: With a 320mm diameter, make every turn with the finesse of a symphony conductor.

  • The Universal Maestro: Fits almost any kei or mini-truck. Because why restrict excellence?

  • Iconic Elegance: Silver carbon fiber and stripe make this the James Bond of steering wheels. License to thrill.

🔩 Features in a Nutshell

  • Diameter: 320mm / 13.8"
  • Material: Premium Leather
  • Stitching: Elite Silver Stitch
  • Silver Carbon Fiber and Stripe

🌏 Fitment Universal. A masterpiece shouldn't be limited.

🛒 Ready to turn your kei truck into an extension of your soul? Buckle up for a transformation. Exclusively offered by Oiwa Garage, where durability meets luxury. Make your purchase today!

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