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Dive into the blue with Oiwa Garage's exclusive NRG 350mm Wood Grain Steering Wheel. Crafted for kei truck aficionados, the glimmer of blue pearl paint sets this wheel apart, making it the jewel of any interior. The elegant matte black 3-spoke center contrasts the deep blue, and with universal compatibility, why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away? 🏎️✨

Why This Is Your Next Steering Obsession: 🔵 Azure Allure: The Blue Pearl paint is not just a color, it’s an emotion captured in a wheel. ⚫ Dark Contrast: The 3 matte black spokes scream sophistication and power. 🚀 Swift & Smooth: Every rotation feels luxurious with the smooth wood grain texture. 💪 Built to Last: Top-notch materials ensure this wheel isn’t just about looks. It's a legacy. 🌍 Universal Charm: Fits almost every kei and mini-truck. One wheel, endless possibilities.

Detailed Specs:

  • Wheel Diameter: 13.78" / 350mm
  • Dish Depth: 1.50" / 38mm
  • Grip Material: Alluring Wood Grain
  • Spoke Count: 3, in an imposing black
  • Grip Shade: Mesmerizing Blue Pearl
  • Craftsmanship: Premium quality with attention to every detail.

💡 Note: For a seamless fit, ensure to pair with NRG Wheel Mounting Hub.

Hesitation lasts a moment, but regret can last a lifetime. Elevate your drive, steer with passion. Only at Oiwa Garage.

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