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Introducing the NRG ST-014CFBK: Not Just a Steering Wheel, but an Experience 🚗💨

Every spin, a revelation. Every grip, a symphony of luxury and performance. The NRG ST-014CFBK Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel isn’t just about driving—it's about mastering the art of the ride. Exclusively designed for the connoisseurs of kei trucks and mini-trucks, embrace a transformative driving sensation. 🏁

🔥 Why Every Ride with This Wheel is a Masterstroke:

  • Strength & Sophistication: Melding high-end leather and pristine carbon fiber, it's more than a wheel—it's a statement.

  • Push-to-Boast: Featuring a unique push rubber horn button, announce your arrival with style.

  • Carbon Class: With a carbon fiber handle, it’s where elite design meets exquisite touch.

  • Stitched to Perfection: Meticulous black stitching that’s as striking as your drive.

  • Every Car’s Crown Jewel: More than just a functional piece, it's the showstopper your car deserves.

🛠️ Wheel Specs:

  • Size Matters: Perfectly sized at 350mm.
  • Spoke Design: A 3-Spoke Black center for that touch of elegance.
  • Texture: High-end leather meets pristine carbon fiber.
  • Signature Feature: Unique push rubber horn button.

🌍 Universally Yours: Tailored for the elite, yet designed for all. Universal fitment, because luxury knows no bounds.

🛍️ Exclusively brought to you by Oiwa Garage, where every drive becomes a story, and every product an experience. Upgrade your journey today!

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