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Rev up your mini-truck's style quotient! Introducing the NRG 350mm Neochrome Classic Wood Grain Wheel - where vintage allure meets futuristic shimmer. 🌟🏁

🔥 Stand Out in the Urban Jungle:

  • A Wheel of Steel: Armed with 25% increased material thickness and supercharged by 50% added welding, this steering wheel is the Hercules of the road.

  • Charm & Charisma: The bewitching combination of Neochrome aluminum spoke against a backdrop of premium black painted wood makes every drive a statement.

  • Firm Grip, Fluid Turns: With a 350mm (13.7 inches) diameter and 3-inch deep dish design, you're in for an immersive driving experience.

  • A Universe of Fit: Why play favorites? Our wheel romances every kei or mini-truck it meets.

  • Sleek & Slotted: The 5mm thick spoke with exquisite slits speaks volumes of your refined taste.

🛠️ Stellar Specifications:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.7"
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish Brilliance
  • Material: Luxe Black Painted Wood
  • Spoke Design: Neochrome Aluminum Magic with Slits

🌏 Fitment for All: Universal. Just like a superhero's cape, it's made for everyone.

Every rotation you make with this wheel echoes your impeccable style and Oiwa's relentless pursuit of perfection. Cruise through the roads with a blend of tradition and tomorrow. Exclusively from Oiwa Garage – your pit-stop for top-tier truck glamour. 🛒"

Steer with panache, ride with pride! Dive into the NRG era with Oiwa Garage's classic masterpiece. 🌌🚗

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