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Steer with flair, drive with pride! Introducing the NRG 350mm Deep-Dish Steering Wheel from Oiwa Garage, where Japanese artistry meets unparalleled functionality. 🏎️

🌟 Why Every Kei Enthusiast Desires This Wheel:

  • Beyond Tough: Boasting a 25% increase in material thickness and a whopping 50% additional welding, this steering marvel is the Hercules of all wheels!

  • Svelte & Stylish: Draped in premium black leather and adorned with exquisite Alcantara stitching, it’s more than just a wheel—it's a statement!

  • Precision in Every Turn: With its 350mm diameter and a 3-inch deep dish, maneuver through twists and turns with an elegance that makes heads turn.

  • Universal Charisma: Crafted to be the glove-fit for any kei or mini-truck. It’s not just universal, it’s universally fabulous!

  • Sleek Spokes: The 5mm spoke thickness with chic slits is an embodiment of modern engineering meets timeless design.

🛠️ Fast Facts:

  • Diameter: 350mm (That’s a solid 13.78" for the number lovers!)
  • Material Mastery: Luxe Black Leather combined with Alcantara elegance.
  • Stitching: Finely detailed black stitch, because details matter!

🌐 Fitment: Universally crafted, universally loved. Because art shouldn’t have boundaries.

Embrace the future of driving; feel the fusion of luxury and strength beneath your palms. Exclusively at Oiwa Garage - where your mini-truck dreams find their wings. 🌌

Upgrade today, and turn every journey into a symphony of style and control! 🌠"

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