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🏎️ Hit the Road with Attitude! 🏎️

Buckle up, kei truck aficionados—Oiwa Garage brings you the NRG 350mm Deep Dish Suede Steering Wheel that makes every spin an event! From the vivid Neochrome spoke to the ultra-luxe black stitched suede, this is where decadence meets durability. 🌈🖤

🔥 Why Choose this Wheel?

  • Strength Squared: A 25% increase in material thickness and 50% more welding make this the Hercules of steering wheels!

  • Suede Sophistication: Feel the opulent touch of premium suede, complemented by black stitches that scream 'luxury.'

  • Neochrome Nostalgia: The spoke’s neochrome finish brings a dash of glam and a retro touch to your driving game.

  • Precision in the Palm of Your Hand: At 350mm, make each turn a work of art with a 3" deep-dish design for optimal control.

  • A Universal Masterpiece: One steering wheel to rule them all. Fits virtually any mini or kei truck.

🛠️ Specs to Adore

  • Diameter: 350mm (13.7")
  • Material: Luxe Suede
  • Spoke: Neochrome, 5mm thick with slits
  • Stitching: Elite Black Stitch
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish

🌐 Universal Fitment Because art shouldn’t be limited by make or model.

Steer into a world of unmatched style and control. Exclusive to Oiwa Garage—where premium meets passion. Turn your cart into a chariot! 🛒🌟"

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