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Hit the road with a shine brighter than Tokyo's neon streets! 🌟 Oiwa Garage proudly presents the NRG 350mm SilverCarbon Fiber Steering Wheel - a kei truck owner's golden ticket to unparalleled luxury. Stand out, even in Japan's bustling streets.

🔥 Why It's Pure Silver:

  • Golden Standard: The gold stitching isn't just aesthetic; it's a mark of quality.

  • Racing Royalty: With its shimmering gold carbon fiber finish, this wheel isn't just a part, it's a statement.

  • Silver Lining: Sporty silver spokes bring a modern twist to the classic kei truck look.

  • Hands-on Luxury: Relish in the grip of genuine leather with every turn.

  • Feather-Light Fortitude: Built for agility without compromising strength. Perfect for racing or that downtown cruise.

🛠️ Glimmering Specs:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Stitching: Elite Gold Stitch on Black Leather
  • Spoke: Sleek Silver, 5mm width
  • Mark: Signature Gold Center

🌍 Compatibility: Tailored for kei trucks, but with a universal spirit. It's not just a fit; it's a match.

Ditch ordinary, embrace extraordinary! With every twist and turn, let your steering wheel be a reminder of what true craftsmanship feels like. Bask in the glow of exclusivity, only at Oiwa Garage. 🛍️ 🏎️

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