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Drive in style with Oiwa Garage's elegantly crafted NRG Minty Fresh Wood Grain Steering Wheel. Reimagine your kei or mini-truck’s interior with this beautiful blend of sophisticated aesthetics and functional genius.

  • Minty Majesty: Introducing a Minty Fresh wood grain finish – a color as unique as your driving spirit, taking style to a whole new level.
  • Bold Black Brilliance: Aesthetically pleasing matte-black three-spoke design for the unyielding and bold.
  • Luxurious Touch & Feel: Crafted using advanced techniques and top-tier materials, it promises a smooth, luxurious feel in the palms of your hands.

🔥 Road Royalty – Why It's the Best:

  • Strength Meets Elegance: Durably designed, guaranteeing long-lasting elegance for those prolonged drives.
  • Turn in Style: With its perfect 350mm diameter and 1.5” dish depth, turn corners with enhanced precision and charisma.
  • The Universal Marvel: Fits seamlessly with most kei and mini-trucks, thanks to its universal adaptability.
  • Legacy of Quality: Brought to life by NRG Innovations®; a testament to quality, innovation, and ergonomic elegance.
  • Drive Signature: Black spokes, round shape, and that classic wood essence keep you distinct on every journey.

🛠️ Spotlight Features:

  • Diameter: Optimal 350mm for effortless handling.
  • Depth: Strategic 1.5" Dish for a tailored grip.
  • Texture: Supple Wood Grain for a tactile luxury.
  • Accent Spokes: Matte-Black, 3 in number, manifesting style.
  • Signature Minty Fresh Color: For the drivers with discerning taste.

🌏 Universal Fit: Limitations? Not in our dictionary. It's designed for every passionate kei or mini-truck driver.

Empower your drive, feel the difference, and let each journey echo with your signature style. Brought to you by Oiwa Garage – where Japan's automotive passion meets world-class craftsmanship. 🛒

Embrace the NRG evolution, and redefine your driving experience. Transform your mini-truck into a masterpiece. 🌟

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