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🔥 Discover the Pinnacle of Precision and Elegance:

  • Luxury At Your Fingertips: Revel in the richness of classic black sparkled wood grain. The tactile ecstasy of smooth wood beneath your grasp, perfectly juxtaposed with the sleekness of black chrome spokes.

  • Flawless Control: Measuring a precise 350mm (13.78 inches) and with a 3-inch deep dish design, every maneuver you make is a dance of seamless finesse.

  • Universal Elegance: Tailored to fit virtually any kei or mini-truck. This isn't just a steering wheel; it's a statement of your unique style and refined taste.

  • A Design Masterpiece: 3 robust spokes in pristine black chrome, encircling a world of luxe wood grain. Crafted for those with an eye for detail and a heart for the road.

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" / 78mm
  • Material: Refined Wood Grain
  • Spokes: 3 Solid, Black Chrome

🌍 Compatibility: Unparalleled and universal. Your kei truck deserves nothing but the best. However, please note this beauty requires an NRG Wheel Mounting Hub for installation.

Indulge in a symphony of aesthetic appeal and robust performance. Brought to you exclusively by Oiwa Garage — where passion meets perfection. 🛒 Add to cart and transform every drive into a luxurious experience! 🌟

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