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"Revolutionize your drive with Oiwa Garage's NRG 350mm Suede Steering Wheel! For the kei truck maverick who refuses the ordinary, this wheel is the zenith of craftsmanship meeting raw passion. 🏎️

🌠 Rise Above the Commonplace:

  • Titanic Tenacity: Boasting a 25% surge in material fortitude and a half more in welding prowess, we're showcasing steering wheels that rival Thor's hammer in strength.
  • Exquisite Grip: Relish the tactile luxury of premium suede contrasted beautifully by the bold red stitch.
  • Precision on the Prowl: At 350mm width and featuring a 3-inch deep dish, navigate bends like they're child's play.
  • Universal Allure: Crafted to meld seamlessly with virtually any kei or mini-truck. Your truck, our wheel - a match foretold by the car gods.
  • Slit-Spoke Marvel: Black spoke design, enhanced with slits for that added touch of bravura.

🔩 Specifications At A Glance:

  • Diameter: A perfect 350mm.
  • Depth: Dive deep with 3".
  • Upholstery: Refined suede & leather hybrid.
  • Stitchwork: Bold in red.
  • Spoke: 5mm thick and chiseled with slits.

🌍 Fitment: Universal. Because greatness shouldn't be confined.

Crafted for the connoisseurs, and those who appreciate the minutiae in life. Step into a world where every drive is a tale of passion, precision, and unparalleled style. Let your mini-truck or kei truck ooze charisma, only with Oiwa Garage's exclusive collection. 🌌"

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