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🔥 White Wonder on Wheels:

  • Elegance Embodied: Revel in the pristine allure of the white wood grain, a statement piece for any cockpit.
  • Lustrous Appeal: Those Neo Chrome spokes? Not just for show. They capture light, turning heads wherever you roll.
  • Precision at its Peak: With a 350mm diameter and 3-inch deep dish design, savor pinpoint control on every drive.
  • Universal Charm: Made for the versatile driver – fits seamlessly with any mini-truck or kei truck. The universal touch with an exclusive feel.
  • Soft Touch, Bold Statement: The luxuriously smooth wood grain promises a tactile delight while its aesthetic oozes sophistication.

🛠️ Prestigious Features:

  • Diameter: 13.78" / 350mm
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish
  • Material: Opulent White Wood Grain
  • Spokes: 3 Neo Chrome Marvels
  • Shape: Timelessly Round

🌏 Compatibility: Universally crafted, because luxury knows no bounds.

Experience the fusion of finesse and function with this masterclass in steering. Only at Oiwa Garage – where the journey meets elegance. 🚚✨

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