NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel 350mm 1.5" Deep Dish with Neochrome Center Spoke | ST-010MC-CF

$320.00 USD

Grip the future with Oiwa Garage's exclusive NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel, perfected with a dazzling neochrome center spoke. A precision-crafted marvel, this steering wheel offers both form and function for the dedicated Kei truck enthusiast.

🔥 Dare to Turn Differently:

  • Compact Yet Bold: Specifically designed at around 12", it’s ideal for compact vehicles and even mirrors the dimensions of many simulator rig wheels.

  • Aesthetic Brilliance: Carbon black with leather accents, complemented by shimmering neochrome - for the driver with an eye for detail.

  • Precision Driving: With a 350mm diameter and 1.5" depth, feel the road's every nuance and turn with unparalleled precision.

  • Universal Mastery: Fitting universally with standard 70mm 6-bolt racing hub adaptors. Because your Kei truck deserves nothing but the best.

  • Quality Assurance: Exquisite black stitching, durable construction, and the promise of longevity.

📝 Please Note: The hub adapter isn't part of the package. Ensure you have a matching 6-bolt pattern hub for your vehicle. While the steering wheel promises simplicity, we recommend professional installation for best results.

🛠️ Package Contains:

  • 1 x NRG Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Neochrome Spoke - 350mm, 1.5" Deep Dish.

Journey beyond the ordinary. Feel the thrill of perfection under your fingertips. Exclusively brought to you by Oiwa Garage - where every drive becomes a statement. 🌠

Elevate your driving experience. Embrace elegance, technology, and performance. Only with Oiwa Garage. 🏁🌟🛒