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Light up your night drives with Oiwa Garage's exclusive NRG Luminor Series Wood Grain Steering Wheel! 🌌 A fusion of classic craftsmanship and cutting-edge luminosity, this wheel boasts a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark grip, promising to be both a beacon and a beauty on your nocturnal rides.

🌙 Radiant Features:

  • Glow Guru: Boasting a wood grain wheel that illuminates in ethereal green, it’s the automotive world's answer to the Northern Lights.

  • Black Beauty: Adorned with three elegant black spokes, this wheel exudes sophistication even in the light of day.

  • Artistry & Engineering: With a 350mm diameter, 3-inch deep dish design, and premium black leather touches, drive in style and substance.

  • Tailored to Every Turn: Sized impeccably for that pitch-perfect turn. Experience vehicular ballet at its finest.

🔧 Specifications & Fitment:

  • Wheel Specs: 13.78” Diameter, 1.50" Dish Depth, Classic White Wood Grain, Black Finish 3 Spoke Center.
  • Universal Elegance: Our NRG masterpiece isn't just universally fitting; it's universally envied.

Why It Shines Brighter:

  • Strength in Spades: Crafted with enhanced materials, ensuring it stands the test of time and terrain.

  • Kei Truck Royalty: Tailor-made for kei and mini-truck enthusiasts who won’t settle for the mundane.

  • Night Owl or Early Bird: Whether cruising city lights or chasing sunrises, this wheel is your luminous companion.

Oiwa Garage: Illuminating the road less traveled, one turn at a time. Where quality doesn't just meet passion; it glows with it. 🔥 Secure this radiant marvel today and steer towards a brighter tomorrow! 🌠

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