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Introducing a blend of tradition and innovation: the NRG Luminor Series Classic Wood Grain Steering Wheel. Oiwa Garage proudly presents this captivating combination of heritage white wood grain finish, contemporary black spokes, and an electrifying blue glow-in-the-dark grip. This isn't just a steering wheel—it's nighttime poetry in motion. Every detail, from its elite black stitching to its iconic black spokes, is crafted for the discerning kei and mini-truck enthusiast.

Illuminate your nocturnal adventures. With its blue luminescent grip, this steering wheel adds a dash of intrigue to your nighttime drives. Fashioned using cutting-edge technology, it ensures durability without compromising on style.

Key Highlights:

  • Night Rider’s Delight: Revel in the blue glow, ensuring you're not just felt but seen on those night drives.
  • Steer with Confidence: Boasting a 350mm diameter with a 3" deep dish design, this wheel promises precision with every turn.
  • Craftsmanship That Speaks: Impeccable black leather, combined with a timeless wood grain grip, reflects a saga of luxury and performance.
  • Universal Charisma: Whether you're driving a kei or a mini-truck, this wheel seamlessly blends in, amplifying your truck's persona.
  • Legacy of Quality: An NRG Innovations® marvel, it encapsulates years of research, innovation, and customer feedback.

Quick Tip: Remember to pair it with the NRG Wheel Mounting Hub for a perfect fit.

At Oiwa Garage, we're not just selling parts; we're curating an experience. Drive with a statement. Illuminate your journey. And let every turn you take echo with the perfection of NRG.

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