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🔥 Why This Wheel Lights Up The Night:

  • Glow & Go: Not just your ordinary wheel – watch it light up in green, blue, and purple hues! Turn heads, day or night.

  • A Symphony of Wood & Neo Chrome: Beautiful wood grain meets shimmering Neo Chrome spokes. A match made in automotive heaven.

  • Luminous Luxury: Part of the revered Luminor Series, step into an exclusive club of drivers who value aesthetics and quality.

  • Perfect Precision: At 350mm, this wheel is designed for the keenest turns, giving you total command on the road.

  • Universal Magic: Fits like a charm on any kei or mini-truck. Transcend the ordinary; make your vehicle distinctly Oiwa Garage.

🛠️ Dazzling Details:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 2" Deep Dish
  • Grip: Luxe Wood Grain, Glowing Finish
  • Spokes: 3, Radiant Neo Chrome

🌏 Fitment: Universal, because who said style should have boundaries?

Experience a drive that's a visual spectacle. Crafted by NRG, personalized by Oiwa Garage – for the driver who commands attention, night and day. 🌃

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