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Turn every drive into a joyride with our NRG 350mm Deep Dish Steering Wheel! Engineered for the discerning kei truck enthusiast, this wheel is the epitome of form meeting function. In a world of mundane steering wheels, be the one gripping a masterpiece of art and engineering. 🏁

🔥 Why This Wheel Rules the Road:

  • Unbreakable Strength: Fortified with 25% thicker material and 50% more welding, this is your indomitable champion of steering wheels.
  • Luxury Meets Performance: With premium black leather and meticulous stitching, experience gripping bliss each time you hit the road.
  • Effortless Control: Sized at 350mm (13.78 inches) with a 3-inch deep dish design, every turn is executed with effortless precision.
  • Universal Swagger: Adapts to virtually any kei or mini-truck. It’s the universal application that feels uniquely you.
  • Iconic Design: Black spoke with round holes for that classic racing aesthetic you can't resist.

🛠️ Key Features

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish
  • Material: Premium Black Leather
  • Stitching: Elite Black Stitch
  • Spoke: 5mm, Black with Round Holes

🌏 Fitment Universal. Because why limit a masterpiece?

Feel the difference, experience the thrill, and grab hold of a wheel that turns your truck into an extension of yourself. Brought to you exclusively by Oiwa Garage, where quality meets driving passion. 🛒"

Unleash the full potential of your mini-truck or kei truck with this robust and stylish steering wheel. A genuine NRG masterpiece, exclusively available at Oiwa Garage. Start steering your way to greatness! 🌟

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