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Drive on the wild side with Oiwa Garage's NRG Savage Orange Leopard 350mm Steering Wheel. Not just another wheel; it's a statement! Embrace the roar of the road while basking in the glow of our fierce orange leopard print design. 🐆🔥

🚀 Reasons it's Beyond Savage:

  • Fierce Durability: With a 25% hike in material thickness and 50% extra welding, say hello to the Hulk of steering wheels!

  • Edgy Elegance: The sophisticated combo of vegan microfiber orange leopard print and matte black spokes ensures you're always driving in style.

  • Precision in Every Turn: Its 350mm diameter with a 3" deep dish grants you the control of a maestro at the helm of a symphony.

  • Fit for All: Universal compatibility means your kei or mini-truck can sport this beauty effortlessly.

  • Unique Aesthetic: The bold spokes combined with a matching horn button and the alluring conical screws highlight - because it's all in the details.

🔧 Specs to Brag About:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish
  • Texture: Vegan Orange Leopard Print Micro Fiber
  • Stitching: Coordinated Savage Stitch
  • Spokes: Solid 5mm Matte Black

🌐 Compatibility: Universal fit - because every ride deserves a touch of savage!

At Oiwa Garage, we believe in steering not just your truck, but also your journey. Let your kei truck echo your untamed spirit with this one-of-a-kind steering wheel. Ready to upgrade to savage? 🛍️

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