Timing Belt Kit - 22 Piece - Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$581.58 USD

Master Engine Maintenance with the Subaru Sambar 22-Piece Timing Belt Kit for KS3, KS4 Models (1990-1998)

Product Description:

Reimagine your Subaru Sambar's engine capabilities with our ultimate 22-Piece Timing Belt Kit, diligently formulated for KS3, KS4 models from the 1990-1998 era. This all-encompassing kit is the lifeblood of your engine, designed to deliver unmatched precision, performance, and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Timing Belt: Built to last, assuring flawless engine synchronization.
  • Superior Seals: Cam and crank seals that excel in preventing leaks and contamination.
  • Solid Tensioner Pulley: Essential for maintaining ideal belt tension and engine timing.
  • High-Performance Water Pump and Gasket: Ensures optimal coolant flow and temperature control.
  • Vital Alternator Belt: Critical for consistent battery charging and electrical system operation.
  • Accurate Thermostat: For precise temperature regulation and engine efficiency.
  • Durable Valve Cover Gasket: Protects against leaks, securing engine top-end integrity.
  • Essential Filters: Complete set of oil, fuel, and air filters for clean engine operation.
  • Premium Spark Plugs and Wires: Optimal ignition components for efficient engine start and function.
  • Distributor Cap and Rotor: Engineered for perfect electrical distribution to the spark plugs.
  • Coolant Reserve Tank: Adds an extra layer of cooling system reliability.


  • Comprehensive Engine Upgrade: This kit provides everything needed for a thorough engine timing and ignition system refurbishment.
  • Extended Engine Durability: Expertly matched components ensure long-lasting engine life.
  • Optimized Engine Output: Achieve improved power, better fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.
  • Future Engine Protection: Shields your engine against premature wear, securing your investment.

Why Our Timing Belt Kit?

Choose our 22-Piece Timing Belt Kit for your Subaru Sambar to maintain impeccable engine health and enhance performance. Each component reflects our dedication to quality, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak. Make the smart choice for enduring strength and smooth operation.


  • Tailor-made for: Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4
  • Model Years: 1990-1998

Invest in superior engine health with our comprehensive Timing Belt Kit. Place your order now and guarantee your Subaru Sambar's journey into the future with power, efficiency, and steadfast reliability!