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Revitalize your road warrior with our Ultimate 9-Piece Timing Belt Kit, exclusively curated for Honda Acty Trucks HA3 & HA4 (1990-1999)! 🚚💨

🌟 Why This Kit Owns the Road:

  • Japanese Precision: Featuring elite brands like Mitsuboshi & Koyo, embody the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and precision in every drive!
  • Complete Revitalization: From tensioner pulley to alternator belt, we’ve got every nook and cranny covered. It’s not just a fix, it’s an upgrade!
  • Direct Fitment Perfection: Tailor-made for your Honda Acty, ensuring a seamless fit and ultimate performance boost!

🔧 Inside the Box of Wonders:

  • Timing Belt - The Heartbeat
  • Idler & Tensioner Pulley - The Synchronizers
  • Water Pump & Thermostat - The Cool Duo
  • Cam & Crank Seal - The Protectors
  • Valve Cover Gasket Kit & Alternator Belt - The Finishers

🌏 Fitment Exclusively designed for all HA3, HA4 Honda Acty Truck from 1990-1999.

Rev up, feel the rejuvenation, and own the road again with this master-crafted Timing Belt Kit from Oiwa Garage – where Japanese authenticity meets modern auto innovation! 🏁🛒

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