Wheel Bearing and Axle Seal Kit- Rear, Right - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999

$149.99 USD

Reinforce Your Honda Acty with Our Premium Rear Right Wheel Bearing and Axle Seal Kit

Ultimate Performance Awaits: Venture into uncharted territories with confidence, knowing that your Honda Acty HA3, HA4 (1990-1999) is equipped with our top-tier Wheel Bearing and Axle Seal Kit. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this kit is your ally against the rigors of the road, promising enhanced durability and optimal functionality for your rear right wheel.

Kit Components:

  • Sturdy Wheel Bearings x2: Embrace a smoother ride with our robust bearings designed for reduced friction and extended wear life.
  • High-Grade Inner & Outer Seals: Prevent contaminants from compromising wheel integrity with our precision-engineered seals.
  • Reliable Trans Side Case Seal: Guard your gearbox with a seal that ensures a tight fit, warding off leaks and safeguarding your transmission.

Kit Features:

  • Tailored Fit for Honda Acty Trucks: Each component is meticulously designed for the HA3, HA4 models, ensuring a perfect fit and ease of installation.
  • Optimal Performance: High-grade wheel bearings reduce friction and wear, extending the life of your truck’s wheels.
  • Superior Seals: Our seals are crafted from durable materials to prevent leaks and keep out contaminants, safeguarding your vehicle’s intricate parts.
  • Essential Protection: Protect your axle and transmission with our trans side case seal, a vital part of maintaining your truck's integrity.

Why Our Kit? Choose our Wheel Bearing and Axle Seal Kit for a seamless blend of quality, longevity, and performance. Designed specifically for Honda Acty trucks, this kit not only provides the parts you need but also the peace of mind that comes with top-tier maintenance.

Seamless Integration, Outstanding Durability: With easy-to-follow instructions and the perfect fit, our kit is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and seasoned mechanics alike, transforming a complex task into a straightforward fix.

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Restore your Honda Acty Truck to its optimal condition. Order now and take the first step towards unmatched performance and longevity on the road.