Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter and Coolant Reserve Tank - 4 Piece Filter Kit- Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$117.24 USD

Ultimate 4 Piece Filter Kit with Coolant Reserve Tank for Subaru Sambar - KS3, KS4 Models (1990-1998)

Keep your Subaru Sambar in peak condition with our exclusive 4 Piece Filter Kit with Coolant Reserve Tank, precisely designed for KS3 and KS4 models from 1990 to 1998. This comprehensive kit not only covers your filtering needs but also includes a Coolant Reserve Tank to ensure your engine stays cool under all operating conditions.

Why Our Kit?

  • Complete Engine Protection: The kit includes a high-efficiency air filter, a robust fuel filter, and a reliable oil filter, complemented by a durable Coolant Reserve Tank.
  • Custom-Designed Fit: Each component is engineered to match the exact specifications of your Subaru Sambar, guaranteeing a perfect fit and easy installation.
  • Superior Quality: Crafted with premium materials that provide excellent filtration and longevity, our filters and tank meet the rigorous standards of OEM parts.

Kit Components:

  • Air Filter: Optimizes air flow to the engine, enhancing performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Filter: Keeps contaminants out of your fuel system, protecting your engine from damage.
  • Oil Filter: Filters out particles and impurities from engine oil, maintaining its quality and extending engine life.
  • Coolant Reserve Tank: Ensures your engine maintains an optimal temperature, preventing overheating.

At Oiwa Garage, we’re dedicated to offering top-quality parts for Japanese mini trucks. Our kit is a testament to our commitment to excellence and your vehicle's longevity.

Equip your Subaru Sambar with our 4 Piece Filter Kit with Coolant Reserve Tank for unmatched performance and reliability. Trust Oiwa Garage to deliver the best in Japanese mini truck parts.

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