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🔧 Introducing the Ultimate Brake Revamp – exclusively at Oiwa Garage! For the Honda Acty Truck owners who yearn for a performance as sleek as their ride, we bring you the epitome of braking perfection. 🏎️

🚨 Why This Brake Set Owns the Street:

  • Japanese Precision: Featuring Pitwork pads and Kashiyama rotors, embrace the finesse of authentic Japanese engineering. Sayonara, braking woes!

  • Unwavering Stopping Power: Unleash the beast but control it just as effortlessly. Engineered for immediate response, ensuring your Acty Truck halts at your whim.

  • Long-Lasting Durability: Crafted for endurance, these components are your tireless companions through city streets or countryside roads.

  • Perfect Compatibility: Tailored for all HA3, HA4 Honda Acty Truck models from 1990-1999 – a seamless fit is guaranteed.

🛒 Specifications:

  • Components: Front Brake Pads (Pitwork) & Front Brake Rotors (Kashiyama)
  • Compatibility: HA3, HA4 Honda Acty Truck (1990-1999)

🌏 Oiwa Excellence:
Turn corners and heads alike! Our brake set is not just an upgrade; it's a revelation. Experience Oiwa Garage – where Japanese mini-truck dreams are forged into reality.

🌟 Elevate your Acty Truck’s performance and safety! With Oiwa Garage, brake into brilliance and ride into the horizon with unparalleled confidence!

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