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Transform your daily drives into an aromatic journey with Oiwa Garage's Artisanal Aroma Pendants. Hanging gracefully from your rear-view mirror, our pendants don’t just add personality to your Kei Truck's interior, they also work as power-packed, long-lasting fragrance diffusers.

Pick your scent-sational companion from our exclusive designs: Meditative Monk Calendula, Playful Panda Black Ice, or the Energetic Goku. Each pendant exudes a distinct aura, creating an inviting and fragrant environment in your truck.

These non-toxic, chemical-free air fresheners not only mask odors but also actively purify the air in your vehicle, reducing harmful gases. Each pendant is 6cm wide and 7.5cm long, a perfect size to blend into your truck's decor without being a distraction.

Experience the charm of our Artisanal Aroma Pendants and infuse your Kei Truck with a refreshing ambiance. Perfect scent, perfect ride

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