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Let your keys ignite a conversation with our Engine Piston Inspired Keychain. Designed with the ardent Kei Truck enthusiast in mind, this keychain is a mini marvel of automotive aesthetics.

Crafted from robust alloy material, this keychain displays a silver hue that's as sleek as the engines that inspired it. Measuring 45mm in height with a bottom diameter of 15mm, it's the perfect size for your pocket while still boasting a standout design.

European styling adds a touch of class, making it a cool addition to your car's aesthetics. Its polished and electroplated finish, along with the durability of zinc alloy, ensures this keyring stands the test of time.

Ideal as a gift for a fellow Kei truck fan or as a treat for yourself, this piston keychain will surely rev up your everyday essentials. Comes with a sturdy 32mm keyring to keep your keys secure.

Package includes a Piston Keychain. Because even in the smallest details, Oiwa Garage is geared towards the Kei truck enthusiast in you!

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