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Introducing the ultimate Parts Catalog (Hard Copy) for 1985-1990 Suzuki Carry & Every (DB71T/DB71V), crafted by James Danko. This comprehensive guide, boasting over 500 pages, is your one-stop solution for mini truck owners facing mechanical woes. Say goodbye to costly repairs, confusing DIY fixes, and endless searches for specific parts!

Get your hands on detailed diagrams for every component, including the sought-after Suzuki Carry Dump Option. From engine tune-ups to differential rebuilds, transmission removal, front suspension fixes, and even troubleshooting computer issues and emission control settings, this catalog has it all!

Empower yourself with factory-grade knowledge and instructions, and transform your mini truck maintenance journey. Don't let those pesky pain points hold you back – invest in this must-have manual and enjoy smooth sailing with your trusty Kei truck, for business or personal use.

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