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Give your Daihatsu Hijet's engine bay the makeover it deserves with our custom-fit battery covers! Designed for models S100 to S130 (1994-1999), these sleek black beauties not only look the part but also play a crucial role in protecting your battery. Here's why you'll love them:

  1. Sayonara, Sad Battery: Our battery covers are precision waterjet-cut from sturdy 16-gauge galvanized steel, ensuring a snug fit that provides full-face protection. Say goodbye to dust, debris, and pesky rodents getting cozy in your battery box.

  2. Easy-Peasy Installation: Don't worry about fumbling with complex instructions or missing hardware. Our battery covers come with everything you need for a hassle-free bolt-on application.

  3. Aesthetic Upgrade: We've painted and texture-coated our battery covers in a sleek black finish, so they're not just functional, but also give your engine bay that stylish, polished look.

Compatibility Check: These covers are designed for 10.5-inch wide battery boxes found in the '94-'99 Daihatsu Hijets S100, S110, S120, and S130. Please double-check the last product picture before ordering!

Expect shipping within 1-2 weeks, as we ensure your battery cover arrives in top-notch condition.

Add some flair and protection to your Daihatsu Hijet with our custom battery covers – order yours today!

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