Distributor Cap & Rotor- 2 Piece Ignition Kit - Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$64.39 USD

Optimal Ignition with Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit for Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 (1990-1998)

Unleash the true potential of your Subaru Sambar with our meticulously designed Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit. Specially crafted for the 1990-1998 KS3 and KS4 models, this 2-piece ignition kit is the key to a well-tuned engine and seamless start-ups.

Key Benefits:

  • Precision Engineering: Each component in the kit is made to exact specifications for the Sambar's ignition system.
  • Robust Materials: Our distributor cap and rotor are built to resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Enhanced Performance: The perfect match for your engine's needs, ensuring efficient spark distribution for a smoother run.
  • Easy Installation: This kit is user-friendly and comes with everything you need for a quick swap, minimizing downtime.

Why Choose Oiwa Garage? At Oiwa Garage, we’re committed to elevating the performance of your Japanese mini truck with premium parts. We provide parts that are not just replacements but upgrades to your vehicle's capability.

Reignite your engine's spark with our Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit. Your Subaru Sambar deserves the best; give it the Oiwa Garage advantage.

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