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Elevate your ride with the Mag Factory Front Bumper—a bespoke creation for your 1990-1999 Honda Acty. This front bumper redefines your Kei Truck or Van with its dynamic contours and race-inspired design. It's not just about looks; it's about making a statement that echoes the roar of your engine and the passion in your driving.

Each Mag Factory Front Bumper is a canvas of innovation, integrating functional cutouts for improved aerodynamics and fog light accommodation to light up your path with style. The iconic Mag Factory badge is not just a mark of authenticity but a promise of unmatched quality and the epitome of automotive excellence.

Crafted on-demand for your Honda Acty, expect a masterful transformation of your vehicle within a 4-8 week timeframe. We understand the anticipation that comes with enhancing your ride, which is why we dedicate meticulous attention to every curve and edge, ensuring that when you receive your bumper, it exceeds your expectations.

Make the choice to stand out. With the Mag Factory Front Bumper, your Acty will embody a sleek design that's as functional as it is aesthetic. Let each mile be a testament to the exclusivity and prestige that our made-to-order bumper brings. Available only at, where every product is a pledge to quality and every drive is a venture into distinction. Your journey towards automotive perfection starts here. Secure your front bumper today and steer into a future where your vehicle becomes a landmark on wheels.

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