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Ever felt tongue-tied on the road? Let Oiwa's LED Gesture Car Light do the talking. Perfectly tailored for kei trucks, when your 3-cylinder powerhouse has someone a little too close for comfort, our expressive light serves up a dose of humor (and a gentle reminder).

Here's Why It's A Road-Trip Must-Have:

  • Say It Like You Mean It: From a thankful wave to a cheeky 'bird', select from three gesture modes to voice your road sentiments.
  • Day & Night Brilliance: Packed with 176 luminous LED lamp beads, it's clear, bright, and visible, irrespective of the sun's plans.
  • Battery-Backed Prowess: With just three AA batteries, expect 6-7 months of expressive power, while the optional mode stretches it to 8-9 months.
  • Install in a Jiffy: Clean, peel, stick, press, and voila! With 3M Velcro, it’s that simple.
  • Law-abiding Luminary: Our amber-hued, non-flashing LEDs make sure you're in sync with most American traffic norms.

What's In The Box:

  • Gesture Light (battery not included) with 3M Velcro tape.
  • A handy remote control (battery not included) also with 3M Velcro tape.

It's more than just a light. It's an Oiwa statement. Whether it's a nod of thanks or a nudge to back off, drive with character. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or 'just because' – light up the road, Oiwa style!

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