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Reignite your Suzuki Carry Truck's engine with our premium 8-Piece Ignition Kit, the ultimate ensemble for the DC51T and DD51T models dated 1991-1998. Meticulously assembled to bring you the finest in Japanese mini truck parts, this kit features a robust distributor cap, a precise distributor rotor, high-grade spark plugs, and resilient spark plug wires—all the essentials for revamping your ignition system.

Our distributor cap is structured to ensure accurate voltage distribution across the spark plugs. Coupled with the distributor rotor, it guarantees efficient electrical current flow, essential for smooth engine start-ups and operation. The spark plugs included in our kit are designed to deliver consistent sparks for optimal combustion, while the high-quality spark plug wires are engineered with superior insulation to maximize electrical transfer and performance longevity.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the direct-fit design tailored for your Suzuki Carry. Perfect for both the DIY enthusiast and professional mechanic, our kit enhances your truck's ignition system for a more responsive, fuel-efficient ride.

Elevate your vehicle's function with our 8-Piece Ignition Kit. When your search includes 'high-performance Suzuki Carry ignition upgrade,' '1991-1998 DC51T spark plug kit,' or 'DD51T distributor maintenance,' our comprehensive set tops the list, ensuring that Oiwa Garage is your final destination for Suzuki Carry Truck parts.


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