Ignition Kit - 9 Piece - Distributor Cap, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires & Oil Filter- Suzuki Carry Truck DC51T, DD51T Models - 1991-1998

$213.89 USD

Discover the pinnacle of ignition excellence with our meticulously crafted 9-Piece Ignition Kit, tailor-made for Suzuki Carry Truck models DC51T and DD51T from 1991-1998. This comprehensive kit is your ultimate source for revamping your vehicle’s ignition and filtration system, featuring a precision-engineered distributor cap, high-fidelity spark plugs, resilient spark plug wires, and a superior oil filter.

Our top-of-the-line distributor cap is built to provide impeccable voltage distribution, while the spark plugs are optimized for a clean, strong spark to ensure your engine runs smoothly. The high-quality spark plug wires are insulated against temperature and voltage loss, delivering optimal electrical current directly to your engine's heart.

Completing the kit is an oil filter designed to safeguard your engine by providing exceptional filtration, ensuring that your oil stays clean and your engine components remain unharmed by contaminants.

This 9-Piece Ignition Kit is the upgrade your Suzuki Carry Truck deserves. It not only amplifies performance but also ensures your engine's longevity and reliability. Your search for '1991-1998 Suzuki Carry Truck ignition system upgrade,' 'DC51T oil filter,' or 'DD51T spark plug replacement' ends with our exceptional selection.

Make Oiwa Garage your one-stop shop for all Japanese mini truck parts and accessories. With this Ignition Kit, experience the confidence of quality and the assurance of durability. Your Suzuki Carry Truck is an investment—protect it with the best.


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