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Is your Honda Acty Truck (HA3, HA4) leaving a trail of white smoke from its exhaust? Don't let this issue persist any longer! The culprit may be a worn-out intake manifold gasket, compromising your truck's performance and fuel efficiency. Our Genuine Honda Intake Manifold Gasket for 1990-1999 models is the ideal solution to restore your Acty's optimal function.

Choosing our genuine Honda gasket ensures you get the perfect fit, superior sealing, and long-lasting durability that your truck deserves. It's a small investment for your Acty's health, as replacing this crucial component can prevent more significant, costly issues down the road.

So why wait? Give your Honda Acty the love and care it needs with our Genuine Honda Intake Manifold Gasket. Trust in the authentic Honda quality and let your truck breathe easy, leaving white smoke troubles in the past! Shop now at Oiwa Garage and get your Acty back on track!

- Fits all HA3, HA4 Honda Acty Truck from 1990-1999

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