Mag Factory Fender Kit - Honda Acty Truck - HA3, HA4, 1990-1990

$439.99 USD

Unveil the true potential of your 1990-1999 Honda Acty with Mag Factory's custom-designed fenders—where exquisite craftsmanship meets the rugged charm of your Kei Truck. These wide-body fenders, tailored specifically for HA3 and HA4 models, not only promise to bestow your vehicle with a bolder silhouette but also ensure it stands out with an assertive, street-ready stance.

Engineered to perfection, each fender blends seamlessly with your Acty's contours, enhancing its aerodynamics and allure. The Mag Factory fenders encapsulate the spirit of customization, giving your truck a distinctive edge that's visible from every angle.

Embrace the journey of transformation—each fender set is meticulously made to order, guaranteeing a perfect fit and finish. With a 4-8 week lead time, anticipation will build for the arrival of what will be a pivotal upgrade to your Honda Acty.

Make the decision to not just drive, but to inspire. Order now and redefine the character of your Kei Truck with Mag Factory's exceptional fenders, exclusively at, where passion for Kei Trucks is crafted into reality.

*** Four Fenders Included In Purchase.