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🔥 Elegance At The Wheel:

  • Crafted Excellence: Dive into a world of sophistication with this Classic Dark Wood Grain Wheel. Infused with an inlaid black line, it's where tradition meets contemporary.
  • Touch of Opulence: The exquisite dark wood grain evokes old-world charm while the black chrome spokes scream modern sophistication.
  • Smooth Operator: Feel the luxuriously smooth wood texture as you weave through city lanes or countryside terrains. A tactile treat every driver deserves.
  • Fit for All: Whether you drive a kei or mini-truck, this universal darling seamlessly integrates, adding a dash of bespoke feel.
  • Sleek Silhouette: With its black chrome 3-spoke center, stand out every time you take to the streets. It's not just a wheel; it's a statement.

🛠️ In the Details:

  • Diameter: 310mm / 12.20"
  • Shape: Timeless Round
  • Grip: Rich Brown Wood Grain
  • Spokes: Elegant Black Chrome

🌏 Universal Charm: Why limit luxe? This beauty's universal fit ensures every drive, no matter the vehicle, is a stylish one.

Get ready to redefine driving with a touch of vintage elegance. Exclusively brought to you by Oiwa Garage, where heritage meets the highway. 🚗💨

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