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🚗 Elevate Every Ride with Azure Elegance! 🚗

Introducing the NRG 320mm Blue Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel – where opulence meets the open road, exclusively at Oiwa Garage.

🌌 A Shade Above the Rest: Dive into a sea of vibrant blue – from its carbon fiber center to the delicately stitched periphery, this wheel is your kei truck's ultimate accessory for luxury and flair.

🔥 Why This Wheel Reigns Supreme:

  • Strength Unsurpassed: With a 25% boost in material thickness and 50% added welding, behold the titan of steering wheels.

  • Azure Allure: The mesmerizing blue carbon fiber center accentuates your truck's persona, ensuring heads turn every time you pass by.

  • Precision Perfected: At 320mm, every turn feels natural, every maneuver effortless.

  • Universal Finesse: Designed for all kei and mini-trucks, this wheel ensures your vehicle is as unique as you are.

  • Luxury in Every Detail: Premium Alcantara teamed with meticulous blue stitch — a symphony of sophistication.

🛠️ Distinctive Features:

  • Diameter: 320mm / 13.8"
  • Material: High-grade Blue Carbon Fiber
  • Stitching: Elegant Blue Stitch

🌏 Universal Fitment Because every kei truck deserves to be decked in the finest.

Reinvent your driving experience, feel the distinction in every turn, and embrace the wheel that's more than just a part – it's a statement. Dive into the world of Oiwa Garage, where every drive is transformed into a luxurious escapade. 🚗💨

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