NRG 320mm Luxe Leather Sport Steering Wheel with Dual-T & Red Stitch | Oiwa Exclusive RST-007R

$134.00 USD

🏎️ Steer with Elegance and Flair with Oiwa's NRG 320mm Steering Wheel! 🏎️

In the bustling world of kei trucks, dare to turn heads with an accessory that's a statement of elegance and performance. Navigate your world with the Oiwa NRG RST-007R steering wheel – where innovation meets luxurious comfort. 🛣️

🔥 Take the Lead with Oiwa’s Exclusive Features:

  • Strength Reimagined: Our 2016 game-changer? Bolstering material thickness by 25% and amplifying the welding by 50%. Crafted to outshine, outlast, outperform.

  • Tactile Luxury: Glide your hands over premium leather, impeccably accented by vibrant red stitches. It's not just a wheel, it's an experience.

  • Smart Dual Button: Placed right at your thumb's reach, making every honk and command effortlessly convenient.

  • Stunning Accents: A three-spoke black finish sprinkled with the charm of a chrome centerpiece – a delightful sight from every angle.

  • Universal Fit, Singular Feel: Crafted for all, but feels uniquely yours.

🛠️ Prime Specs:

  • Diameter: 320mm / 12.60"
  • Spoke Thickness: 5mm
  • Material: Elite Black Leather with Red Stitching
  • Special Feature: Dual Horn Button & Lustrous Chrome Centerpiece

🌏 Universal Love: Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Oiwa's RST-007R guarantees a fit that feels custom-made, no matter the kei truck.

Indulge in a steering experience that’s second to none. Crafted for those who value precision, luxury, and style. All roads lead to Oiwa Garage – the gold standard for kei truck accessories. 🌟🛒