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🔥 Red Alert: Steering Perfection Ahead! 🏎️

When passion for performance meets the artistry of design, the result is Oiwa Garage's NRG 320mm Red Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel. Exclusively crafted for the devoted kei truck enthusiast, every inch screams a fusion of luxury, function, and strength.

🌪️ Why Our Wheel Zooms Past Others:

  • Titan Strength: Our obsession with perfection made us reinforce with 25% more material and amplify the welding by 50%. This isn't just a steering wheel; it's a promise of unyielding durability.

  • Ravishing Red: Experience the audacity of red carbon fiber coupled with Alcantara finish. The red stitch and stripe aren't just accents, they're statements.

  • Precision in Control: The 320mm diameter ensures every maneuver feels natural, every drive an experience.

  • Universal Elegance: Crafted for all. Whether it's a kei truck or a mini-truck, this wheel’s universal fit ensures you always drive in style.

  • Artful Aesthetics: Every detail, from the rich Alcantara to the red center mark, resonates with a luxe racing vibe.

🛠️ Feature Flashlight:

  • Diameter: 320mm / 13.8"
  • Centerpiece: Red Carbon Fiber with Flat Bottom
  • Stitch & Stripe: Bold Red
  • Texture: Premium Leather

🌎 Fitment: Universal. Because boundaries are meant to be steered past.

Your truck is more than just a vehicle; it's an experience, a statement. With Oiwa Garage's exclusives, ensure every drive echoes your passion, precision, and panache. Grip greatness, embrace excellence. 🌟

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