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🔥 Steer With Elegance & Precision:

  • Featherweight Champion: Weighing less than a pound, this is NRG's second-lightest steering wheel, crafted for agility and superior control.
  • Sleek Craftsmanship: Adorned with genuine leather accents at 5 and 7 o'clock, the wheel boasts both tactility and aesthetics.
  • Masterful Carbon Design: Experience the luxurious touch of carbon fiber, a signature of modern style and unmatched durability.
  • Award-winning Prestige: Honored with the SEMA New Product Award in 2014, this wheel has been a fan favorite since its inception.
  • Ready for Mods: Its dry carbon center plate is primed for customization, perfect for those added touch buttons.

🛠️ Essentials At A Glance:

  • Diameter: 12.60" / 320mm
  • Design: Unique D-Shape for ergonomic grip
  • Material: Premium Two-Tone Carbon Fiber with Leather Inlays
  • Spokes: Twin, in a sleek black finish

🌏 Perfect Fit Every Time: Universal adaptability for a snug fit in nearly any mini-truck or kei truck. Why limit your vehicle's potential? With NRG's Mounting Hub, installation is a breeze.

Experience the Future: Dive into a driving experience like no other, where classic touch meets contemporary design. Oiwa Garage presents, the NRG Carbon Fiber masterpiece, tailor-made for those who seek to elevate every drive. 🌟 Secure yours now and be a part of the steering revolution! 🛒

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